How to Measure Body Fat for Women

The most excellent means of gauging whether or not you are in good form is not essentially your weight. Due to every day variations from water preservation or water deficit connected to diuretics such as coffee and alcohol, the most excellent means of measuring how fit you are is by gauging your body fat. Not like men, women must do additional measurements to obtain a precise reading. Here are specific steps on how to measure body fat for women.

Measure Body Fat

Step #1: Use weighing scale and measuring tape.

The first step you need to do is weigh yourself on a weighing machine then jot down the figure that comes out from the scale. Women need four measurements to achieve a precise figure. The first one is to gauge the circumference of your wrist at its most extensive spot. Calculate the perimeter of your waist all-around your belly button. Calculate the perimeter of your hips at its most extensive spot too. Lastly, gauge the perimeter of your forearm through its most extensive spot as well.

Step #2: Do the subsequent computations.

Here is a series to help you with: (a) multiply your body weight by .732; (b) add up the above outcome to 8.987; (c) divide the perimeter of your wrist by 3.14; (d) multiply the extent of your waist by .157; (e) Multiply the extent of your hip by .249; and (f) multiply the extent of your forearm by .434. All the figures computed from ‘a’ to ‘f’ should be jotted down in a notebook.

Step #3: Make more computations.

Beginning step 3, add up the outcomes of b and c to provide you a new dimension which will be recognized as g. Subtract f from d to provide a new dimension as well which will be identified as h. Subtract h from e to provide you a new outcome which will be identified as i. Add f + i to provide you an outcome which will be identified as j, or your lean muscle mass.

Step #4: Expect more computations ahead.

Beginning step 4, subtract a from j. Get the figure and multiply it by 100. Lastly, divide the figure by your total body weight. The figure that will come out will be your body fat percentage or proportion.

Step #5: Use online calculators.

Online calculators will provide you an approximate assessment of your body fat percentage. Even if online calculators are not as accurate like when you do the measurement by yourself, it is still an excellent point to begin with.

Step #6: Use calipers.

This is another extremely dependable means to verify your body fat percentage. However, the trouble with this means is you have to let an expert perform it for you to obtain the precise measure of body fat percentage. Majority of the gyms have instructors or coached who can perform caliper test for you. The most extensive drawback to this means is not being able to verify your body fat deficit development regularly.

Step #7: Use hydrostatic weighing.

This is another means of obtaining body fat percentage. This is performed by means of going under water and utilizing a particular formula to measure your body fat weight. Unluckily, this is not available in lots of places.

There are steps in measuring women’s body fat accurately. You can use steps 1 to 4 to make your own computations. You may also use steps 5 to 7 for more options.

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